Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's heeeere!!!

I was so uber excited when this lil package arrived last week! I've been pouring over the information and making a plan for a course of action. I realize that for at least the KICKSTART week, I will need to have a very focused plan. I decided to wait until next week to kick-off my fabulous Jillian Body Revolution. Typically, I think it's ridiculous to put off starting something like this. However, due to the nature of this goal and plan, I want to have as few road blocks as possible. Fortunately, I am currently a full-time student almost at the end of finals (2 more left and a paper to boot - will be done by tomorrow) and then there is a free week between Spring and Summer sessions.

So... that is my plan. I'm trying to formulate a weekly plan for meal times, activities and exercise times with the DVDs. I know that keeping myself focused and on task, I can beat the "natural man." Cause the "natural man" is apparently not so healthy. So, i ask the maybe 2 or 3 people that may per chance be viewing this blog - what are some of the things YOU do to help you focus when endeavoring upon a new lifestyle change? *discuss*

PS - I just figured out how to create paragraphs on blogger now (it's all HTML-ish) and I feel just a little brilliant. Ha.


  1. One thing I've done this time around that has really helped is to try to not be a complete perfectionist/obsessive/nazi about things because then I get all depressed and coo-coo. Just do your best 85% of the time, and the other 15% don't go too far off the deep end. Ha!

    I like that you are planning ahead - I think that's really important. Always have healthy snacks on hand! And set aside time for exercise.

    You're awesome! Can't wait to hear how the program goes!

  2. Agreed with above: don't expect perfection. That's important. My other trick is to have one cheat day a week. I know that sounds crazy, BUT if I can tell myself for 6 days, "It's ok, you can eat it on Saturday..." then it becomes far more viable for me to eat continue eating the way I should.

    Honestly, the first week I get back into it, I make a list of the crap I crave, and then the first Saturday, I'm allowed to eat any and all of it. It never fails: that Saturday I make myself SO sick...I don't do it again. I usually end up buying a little something each Saturday, and as I go, I get better at it.

    Does that make sense?

  3. I know that the kickstart week is gonna be hard. But I keep reminding myself of the baby steps... Kickstart week is only 7 days... the whole program is only 90 days... working out (after kickstart week) is only 30 minutes a day - everybody has 30 minutes in their day to spare... These are all very tangible goals. Like you've both said, though, if and when there is weakness, it is imperative that that one small bump in the track doesn't derail the whole train!!