Monday, May 14, 2012


It usually seems that I am my biggest obstacle. I don't know if it's psychological or what. Last week, though, started off superbly, and then dwindled into bad behaviors. So I'm here to fess up and counteract the brief semi-derailment. Sometimes we take on more drastic things than we can handle. I think that that happened a bit with the kickstart week. The diet was so strict and honestly forcing myself to eat things that I don't typically enjoy - that can only last so long before a breaking point is reached. Until the weekend, I did stay within my 1200 cals a day range, though from Wednesday thru Friday I only did one workout - which means I did less cardio. The movement on the scale didn't keep up with the first couple of days I think because of that [lack of cardio]. I figured that on Wednesday, I had a different type of schedule and my eating schedule got out of whack - I ended up below even 1000 calories that day and so I justified not doing the workout because I was so much further below the needed calories. Sundays are historically difficult days. There's usually a huge gorge fest after church followed by period drama (as in Jane Austen films or the like, not menstruation drama lol) or murder mystery files on TV which typically induce the Sunday nap. So the weekend wasn't exactly a picture of health and fitness.

I am happy to say, though, that I'm sitting here now with the sweat dripping all over me beginning to evaporate, the cooling down is well begun. I didn't give up. My eating may not be a perfect jillian menu, though I wonder how many of us can stay THAT strict. The fat burning recipes are much more palatable to me, and I'm thinking if I make the strong effort to ramain within the caloric intake of 1200-1300 cals, making healthy choices that i ENJOY, I have a better chance at being successful with this.

Many people ask me if I have one day where I don't count calories and eat what I want. I know a lot of people do that. Do any of you? Do you give yourself guidelines? Or is it a freebie day 100%? I would think that perhaps it would be most effective to not count cals, but to still make healthy choices and have a freebie within reason day. And then when there are "special occasions" to make allowance for appropriate portions of "treats." What do you think? Tips, advice, etc.?

PS, thank you dear friends for your encouragement and faith in me. It really does help me. And when I fall into the shadow of weakness, your words of encouragement become a beacon of light for me to find my way back, and I thank you. I am so blessed to have some of the most amazing friends in my life. THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Keep at it my friend, you can do it. Just try those foods you think you don't like, you might surprise yourself. But I think you are right, that you are more likely to keep at it if you substitute healthy foods you do like for the ones you just can't handle.

    Maybe you need to change up your Sunday routine, with the summer here, is there something you might enjoy doing outside? A walk, a bike ride, read a book at a park somewhere,etc.

    Love ya my freind!