Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear Mr Fed Ex

So, Mr Fed Ex was scheduled to pay me a JMBR visit today, but alas. I was left in disappointment. So I guess I will give you a little more background on my situation. Granted, I don't think I've got any readers yet, but I think this is more therapeutic for me than anything. And perhaps some day in the future, I'll find a reader or two! Hopefully by then I will figure out how to have blogger post my paragraphs as I've typed them rather than my whole post being one large blob of words. *sigh* So, I will tell you that I am mid-30's in the mid-west. Close to ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and some of the issues I'd been facing with weight since the age of 5 all of a sudden made more sense. PCOS could have its own whole blog dedicated to talking about what it is and how it affects me (let alone how it affects every individual woman in its own way). With my diagnosis of PCOS, like most PCOSers, I was also diagnosed with insulin resistance, for which I now take metformin. It's astounding, though, how many people in the medical community don't really know much about it - I went to several doctors and self-diagnosed before I found a dr who seemed to know enough about it to give me the actual medical diagnosis and start treating me for the symptoms present in my personal cocktail of PCOS symptoms. So here I am, out of control once again. I was just recently able to get a renewal RX for metformin so I can try to at least get the hormonal part of my issues better on track. The thing I love about JM is that she seems to truly be educated in endocrine and metabolic issues - she *is* the one who has coined the term metabolic training in her workout regime(s). I think that WW may not have worked so well for ME because I also need a regimen of exercise. This is why I've chosen JM's Body Revolution. So... this is the blog. I will shortly be on my journey (c'mon Mr FedEx!!!), and I am planning to log my successes and struggles here. Regardless of whether or not anyone ever reads this blog, I feel that it will help me - it will give me ownership over my efforts and goals and hopefully provide some therapeutic relief. And maybe someday I will be an inspiration to someone else out there...

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  1. For some reason when you said "come on Mr FedEx!" I thought of the New Edition song, "Mr. Telephone Man" and now, annoyingly, I have it in my head over & over. Anywho, just wanted you to know you have at least one reader! And this reader may or may not once in awhile lose other peoples stuff. ;)